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ZEBRAS A Report By: Gianna Menacher Grade 4 Ms. Ylitalo ZEBRAS Introduction: I chose Zebras because they are different and they aren’t like any other animal. They are one of the only animals that are black and white, and they have stripes. Their stripes make them look really cool. Each zebras’ stripes are unique to them, and like no other. Habitat: Zebras live in the African safari. There, it is really hot and dry. Most of the time there is only savannah grass. There are some trees, and small bushes. Zebras travel mainly where they can find plenty of food, and water. Animal Description: Zebras have black and white hair that is short and bristly. They can stand nearly 5 feet tall, and weigh between 400 and 600 pounds. They have small hooves, and large ears that help them hear if danger is heading their way. The Young Animals: Zebra babies are called foals, and are born after their mothers are pregnant for 12-13 months. There are 3 different species of zebra; the Plains (Burchells), the Grevy’s, and the Mountain Zebra, and all 3 raise their young in the same way. The foals’ striped pattern can help them hide among older members of the herd for protection from predators. Herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore: A zebra is an herbivore. Zebras eat only plants and grasses. They do not eat meat. Grass is the main part of their diet, but when it is scarce, zebras will eat shrubs, herbs, leaves, and even tree bark. Zebra herds will graze and roam where food is most plentiful, and can spend up to 20 hours a day grazing when food is scarce. Defense: A zebra can defend itself by being capable of running nearly 40 mph. Also, it can protect itself with its teeth, and use its sharp hooves for kicking. The zebra’s greatest defense, probably, is its ability to use its stripes for camouflage. Interesting facts: Zebras are considered to be black, with white stripes,

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