World War 1 Uniform Essay

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U.S. World War One Uniforms & the Things They Carried The United States Army was one of the first militaries to make standard uniforms in various colors, for unit groups and certain levels. Camouflage colors that blend into the background became very important for the use of a battlefield tactic. Khaki was one of the most famous camouflage colors as well as an olive color. Cotton and wool became the standard material used to make most uniforms. There was a board of military formed in 1902, called General Order 81, this was to review army uniforms. The result of the review came into conclusion that, “Blue was eliminated for the dress uniform, replacement with khaki cotton or olive drab wool. Leather, where employed, was changed from black…show more content…
Army military became fascinated by the design of the British tunic, much of the clothing for the American soldiers was manufactured in England. The tunic’s and overcoats were the same for all ranks they had high collars pockets and shoulder straps. In 1908 there was a blue denim work uniform and wool coat provided to wear while working but not at war. In 1917 the uniform for war consisted of the khaki tunic and olive trousers that were tapered at the bottom of the leg. The soldiers were also issued a steel helmet with a chin strap to provide protection but the steel helmet wasn’t that helpful in providing protection, they were also issued boots and a gas mask, this was one form of a completed uniform. There were many types of boots issued such as ones that were russet brown, or had 48 lace holes. Black shoes were worn with dress uniforms. Although most uniforms couldn’t withstand the trenches of the battlefield there was no such thing as a perfect uniform. The trenches were muddy and there was rain and snow most of the clothing couldn’t hold up in these harsh weather conditions, so most men would ask friends and family to send extra clothing from home. The Army changed its uniforms often but the U.S. Navy never really changed its uniform they were too busy building new armored ships and guns. The only difference between their work uniforms and their duty uniforms were blue and white. The blue blouse pants set called a jumper was worn in the winter, and in the summer time the uniform was all
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