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“Arkansas’ Flag Is Fifty Years Old” by Walter L. Brown in Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Volume 22 (Spring 1963): 3-6. Mr. Brown’s article is about how the Arkansas state flag came to be. This article describes the people, ideas, and designs behind the flag’s creation. The Daughters of the American Revolution were surprised to find that Arkansas didn’t have a state flag. The main reason for the necessity of a flag was the Daughters of the American Revolution wanted a flag to present to the battleship U.SS. Arkansas. A committee was appointed and a campaign was launched. A contest was invented so that all Arkansans could submit their ideas for the flag. Secretary of State Earl W. Hodges was in charge of receiving the entries and appointing a selection committee. Sixty-five designs were received and the committee unanimously chose the entry sent in by Miss Willie Hocker in 1913. Oddly enough, Miss Hocker was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and had initiated the flag campaign. The winning design had many symbolic features. First, Miss Hocker chose red, white and blue for the colors of the flag. These colors of the flag symbolized that Arkansas was part of the United States. Second, she chose a large white diamond in the center, bordered by 25 white stars along a blue band. Also, there were three blue stars centered in the middle of the diamond. The large white diamond represented that Arkansas was the only diamond-bearing state in the union. The three centered blue stars had three different meanings. One meaning, the three nations to which Arkansas had belonged prior to statehood; France, Spain, and the United States. Another meaning had to do with the year 1803, when the Louisiana Purchase was made by the United States. The last meaning pertains to Arkansas being the third state created out of the Louisiana Purchase. The twenty-five white stars

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