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Informative Speech CASA, also known as Court Appointed Special Advocates, is a nationwide program comprised of thousands of volunteers dedicated to acting as a “voice in court” for abused and neglected children. In Texas, there are approximately 68 CASA programs with a little over 5,000 volunteers able to serve approximately 20,579 foster children that reside in the state of Texas. But that’s the problem. There are ONLY 5,000 volunteers who CAN serve, yet there are over 20,000 foster children that NEED to be served. Not only that, many of the volunteers that do serve CASA are female and not of minority descent. This poses a problem because it can keep some children from bonding with their advocate for reasons such as gender or race. Another problem is the fact that many CASA programs do not have sufficient funds necessary for raising awareness and/or building maintenances. For example, the CASA program located in the Coastal Bend resides in an old funeral home. Many of the supervisors don’t have the proper office work space equipment to work out of, there isn’t a “kid friendly” appearing area for visiting children. While yes there is an extra building in the back, it still isn’t designed to serve as office space. In fact, it still contains equipment that was used for embalming bodies. But the only way to recreate this space is if they collect $200,000, way more money that this CASA program can afford to spend. These problems have a major impact on the community. * In the coastal bend, there are approximately 900 foster children and approximately 300 volunteers able to serve these children. * Many of these children are of Hispanic or African- American descent. But many of these volunteers are white. The lack of ethnic diversity keeps some children from forming a bond with some volunteers that only people of the same race would understand. * There

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