How Exactly Did the United States Defeat the Most Powerful Military Nation in the World at That Time? What Specific Events Shaped This Victory.

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How exactly did the United States defeat the most powerful military nation in the world at that time? What specific events shaped this victory. From a domestic standpoint please discuss how the war shaped the lives not only of women , but also African Americans and Native Americans. The Americans managed to achieve independence from one of the strongest military powers on earth, England in 1777 and each colony sponsored local militia. They were lightly armed, little training and did not used uniforms. They units served for only a few weeks or month at a time. They were reluctant to travel in extended operations far from home because of their lack of training and discipline from other soldiers with more experience. However they were in a bigger number that could help overwhelm smaller British forces. At The battles of Concord, Bennington, Saratoga and Boston both sides used partisan warfare, but Americans were more effectively when British forces were not in the area. They were willing to coordinate military efforts; the Continental Congress signed a paper and made a regular army on June 14, 1775 pointing George Washington as commander-in-chief. The development of the Continental Army was always a work in progress. Washington used both his regulars and state militia throughout the war. The development of the Army was always a work in progress and Washington used both the regular and state militia throughout the war. The United States Marine traces its institutional roots to the Continental Marines of the war, forming at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. On November 10, 1775 a date regarded and celebrated as the birthday of the Marine Corps. At the beginning of 1776, Washington's army had 20,000 men, with two-thirds enlisted in the Continental Army, and the other third in the state militias. At the end of the American Revolution in 1783, both the
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