Working Parents Essay

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Working Parent Today’s society consists of the working parents. Both parents are working to provide the needs for their families. Many families have both the mom and the dad working long hours, where many other families only have the mom or dad working. Working parents have conflict between each parent’s job, the roles of mom and dad, and the roles of the working parents. Working parent is expected to be a work when they are to stay with their sick or hurt children. Many employers don’t understand any situation that they parents have at home with their children. Moms usually take off work to be with their kids if they are sick and need to be home. Companies today don’t really care what happens at home as long as they are at work and making the company money. I worked for a company that could care less about my family and their needs; as long as I was at work they were happy. When I missed a day they would take a point off and take away my pay. Working parents conflict with each other in many different ways. For example, parents sometimes argue over who cooks dinner. When both parents work, it’s very hard to cook dinner for their families each night. Most nights when I am at school my children live off sandwiches or frozen dinners. My kids do not mind as long as they get to eat something. Another example includes a conflict on chores around the house. A majority of the time the chores are completed by the mom. Moms have a very busy life, between house chores, kids, and everyday life. Some dads help out with some chores, but not all. The final conflict for working parents is paying the bills. The majority of the families combine their money, while others have their own money. I feel that money is the major conflict of all. Working parents have different roles in parenting. Moms have many different roles than the dad. Dads normally bring
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