Radquo: Work In Corporate America, By Russell Baker

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I read “Work in Corporate America” by Russell Baker, and I do believechildren are mystified by the jobs parents have. I also agree with the strategies he used to get his point across in his essay. Russell Baker adds interest from the beginning and ending with a perspective of a child. He discusses what children may think about their parent’s work, and how they may be confused about what goes on. In today’s society, some children still don’t know what their parents do at work; therefore, children are puzzled. I can remember when I asked my parents “Daddy, what do you do at work?” Also “Momma, can I go to work with you?” I never knew or understand what my parent’s did at work. My father would reply back saying, “Son, I install fireplaces.” My mother would tell me, “Sure…show more content…
I always wanted to go to workwith him. I never thought about going to work just to make a living, but it did make it a little clearer for me to understand. My father would let me know that I will be out on my own one day, and in order to live life comfortably I will have to work to earn a living. I now realize what Russell Baker meant in his quote “go to work and make a living.” There are so many children out there that are clueless about work in America. Most don’t understand what their parents work for. Or why their parents even go to work. “For what?” Is it because the parents like to work? Do parents work to stay away from home? Are the parents explaining to the child why they have to work, and will the children picture what the parents try to show them? Some children all over America will question the reason parents work. It’s just plan to see that a child does not understand or visualize what work is in

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