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Kelly Grant English 100 11/12/2012 In Amitai Etzioni's "Working at McDonald's” She argues that that although McDonalds does more than just provide calorie filled foods and hold responsibility for millions of clogged arteries but it’s bad for teenagers in another sense other than health. She states “McDonald’s is bad for your kids. I do not mean the flat patties and the white-flour buns; I refer to the jobs teenagers undertake, mass-producing these choice items”. Then she goes on to discuss the negative effects on high school students working in fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. She feels that they show teenagers no real skills that they could use elsewhere in the work field, that they promote kids to drop out by distracting them from focusing on school and their studies, and also ruins their value of a dollar. Amitai Etzioni states that the fast food jobs are “far from providing opportunities for entrepreneurship, self-discipline, self-supervision and self-scheduling”. He critiques the structure of these jobs; he argues that it leaves little room for the development of problem solving skills or time management. He refers to the 1984 study on the matter of teen employment by Ivan Charper and Bryan Shore Fraser”. Amitia Etzoni also discusses the amount of the useless learned. She states that “A 1980 study by A. V. Harrell and P. W. Wirtz found that, 10 among those students who…show more content…
But as it’s been done in the past young adults will continue to put the small paycheck for the short satisfaction of earning a small amount of money rather than putting that energy into their school work for the satisfaction of a secure

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