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Be a stay-at-home mom or career mom? What a dilemma! This is what comes to mother’s mind when having to choose. Most of the mothers who opt to work are unsure whether they have made the right decision, especially when they consider their children. However, Percheski, Professor of Princeton University indicates that the rates of increase in the number of professional working mothers as well as women with young children are getting higher each year. (The Star Online, 2008). As reported by International Labour Organization (2003), worldwide the employment rate for women with children in the home is 53 percent and for women without children, 68 percent. Women now make up over 40 percent of the global workforce while for Asia, nearly 64 percent of women get employed (Burn, 2005, p. 97).Hence, this paper suggests that women should choose to be a working mother rather than a fulltime housewife in order to support their family financially, to provide better care for their children and to give career satisfaction for themselves. The main reason why women should choose to be a working mother rather than a fulltime housewife is due to the unstable economic state. This is because of the inflation and other economic changes have become a burden especially to families in the lower and middle income groups. As a result, women also have to support their family income as they hardly survive on husband’s income alone. According to Dr Yeah Kim Leng, economist of Rating Agency Malaysia (2008), he pointed out that urban household with a monthly income of RM3, 000 needs to struggle to make ends meet based on the prevailing costs of living. In fact, there is only one breadwinner in majority Malaysian’s families. Because of the situation, women need to work in order to get two incomes. As Time-Life Books Inc. (1987, p 11) has stated, many middle-class couple believes that two incomes
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