Winnable Candidate Essay

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Winnable Candidate: Obama Barrack Hussein Obama is likely to be the winnable candidate for US General Election 2012. With less than two weeks to go, we can see that there are massive ideological differences between the candidates. What is on the headline is the future of health care, a woman’s right to choose, tax fairness, the social safety net, who gets credit for the economic recovery that seems to be around the corner, whether or not we go to war with Iran and the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next generation. From my personal view, Obama will win the election due to the fact that Obama has declared his position on many political issues through his public comments and legislative record. Based on Polltracker Poll, American views the Barack Obama will work better than the Republican presidential candidate Romney in addressing terrorism and national security. Other than that, in May 2012, he became the first sitting U.S. president to publicly support legalizing same-sex marriage.…show more content…
Some of Obama’s political agenda is an innovation to create new jobs, to end wars and rebuild America, to lead the world in college graduates by 2020, invest in clean energy made in America. As in the Utusan Malaysia October 27, 2012, it states that 25 percent of US Muslim stills undecided. Eventhough there are only seven million Muslims in the U.S. population, their involvement in the political direction of this country recognized world power due to the number of those many states known as a 'swing state' which is Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida. So, I think the remaining balance of people who still undecided can see the good quality and great political policies and agenda proposed by Obama and vote him to win this
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