Paul Ryan Starring as Pinnochio

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Paul Ryan Portrayed as Pinocchio The Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is using Paul Ryan, who is the Republican vice presidential candidate, to pander to the young demographic of voters. Paul Ryan appeals to young people because he runs marathons, does P90X, listens to popular music, and is considered to be young in the field of politics. Mitt Romney’s underlying hope is that Paul Ryan will help impart right wing ideas to the young generation of Americans, which is much more liberal than ever before. Romney’s plan seems to be working; Obama’s percentage of youth supporters has recently dropped from sixty-six percent to forty-nine percent. The fictional puppet character Pinocchio, who is referenced in the cartoons above, was built as a puppet by his father Geppetto and each time he lied, his nose grew longer. Comparatively, Paul Ryan has been “built” by the Republican Party as their “puppet,” and is a compulsive liar. Paul Ryan is the wrong candidate to elect for Vice President of the United States. Paul Ryan has been caught lying numerous times. Although he is a politician, Paul Ryan has lied much more than most--or at least he has been caught doing so. Some of the lies he has told have been about stimulus spending, President Obama’s health care law, and about President Obama ignoring recommendations from a presidential commission to reduce the deficit. Paul Ryan falsely claimed that “The stimulus failed to help taxpayers and it cut out the American people.” Actually, more than twenty-five percent of the stimulus dollars went to provide tax relief for middle class workers. Paul Ryan continued the Republican Party’s campaign of false attacks by stating that, “Obama had funneled money out of Medicare to pay for the federal health care law at the expense of the elderly.” Paul Ryan’s statement is contradicted by Medicare’s chief actuary

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