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Essay We should be observing real nature in real time in the outdoors rather than simply turn on a television or laptop and watch videos and see pictures indoors. There are many great examples, documentaries, websites you name it and the internet can provide proof of my statement. The only way to really get anyone to understand or even see this point of view is by taking them first hand and experiencing real nature the way it was meant to be. The act of observing nature outdoors in nature is nothing anyone can describe but I am prepared to guide opinions and views towards mine. Personally, I am an animal lover; I don’t believe in hurting another species just because it works for me, or benefits me. Through my own observations and research on the topic of living a “cruelty free” life, I find that a lot of people claim to be animal lovers but in saying that they think they’re a support to animals by purchasing wildlife film, photos, visiting zoos, Sea World, and the circus. What I think many animal lovers don’t realize is that, by supporting these forms of wildlife media they are altering the lives of the animals in negative ways. As McKibben wrote, “in the wild, photographers often need to subtly harass wildlife to get their shots” (267). Whether they are starved until they become desperate to kill for food, or antagonized until their day is ruined, it is irrelevant to these media workers; What’s important is getting a money shot to sell to the people who are animal lovers. It is not the consumers fault for being in the dark, the wildlife marketing and media makes it seem natural or even harmless. If one or all are skeptic about my argument just think about how much healthier it is for everyone, less fossil fuels used if everyone uses electricity less. Not to mention without that real depth perception the eyes don’t get to use the muscle that adjusts from close to

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