Narratorical Analysis Of Why I Hunt By Rick Bass

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Susana Cuellar Mrs. Lyday English 101 17 October 2012 “Why I Hunt” In the story “Why I Hunt” readers have a chance to get a passionate hunter’s perspective in what hunting is like. Rick Bass shares his story of an unplanned immigration west to the Yaak valley next to the Kootenai National Forest with his wife. The immigration near this well resourced forest obligated Bass to become more involved in hunting. In the story he helps readers understand how he feels as he hunts in a natural forest rich with a variety of prey. In “Why I Hunt” Rick Bass emphasizes his deep love for hunting and argues that it is an enjoyable activity that helps develop a type of imagination that is almost impossible for non-hunters to obtain. Bass begins his…show more content…
This quote leads to an explanation of how a rich forest full of game may easily tempt a non-hunter to become a hunter. Bass shares with his readers that most of the people in his community that were not hunters became hunters when they integrated into the forest. “This is powerful landscape sculpts us like clay” explains Bass (743). He informs readers that it is not just the necessity of food or peer pressure from the local culture that introduces the villagers to hunting; it is the actual terrain that tempts non-hunters to hunt. Bass explains that before he integrated to the valley he rarely hunted, but when he moved there he could not help exploring the game that the forest sheltered. The charming rich forest seems to allure people to explore the resources within in it. The statistics and real life examples that Bass uses of his personal and villagers’ experiences are logic, because they are facts and not opinions. Aside from arguing that hunting can awaken a creative imagination, Bass is also arguing that hunting is a very enjoyable activity, and he is trying to emphasize to the readers that it can help one feel something that one has never felt before. Bass’s logic is that hunting can contribute to a creative imagination, and that it is an incredible experience that will make one feel something that one has never felt before. He has been able to prove this by what he has seen and felt. The real life scenarios that Bass uses help support the idea that hunting is a very enjoyable

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