Why the Article of Confederation Were Unsucessgul

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The articles of confederation was the first written form of this nations government though it had its usefulness in the area of the western migration it was weak in the areas of the economy and foreign relations it also left the country open to invasion because the articles did not have any form of national military and a very weak central government. In 1777 the Articles of Confederation were ratified and this new nation now had a form of government. Overall the articles of confederation were very weak the economy was in shambles and they had very little success in foreign relations. The economy had very little success because the United States government could not tax its people therefore the government itself had no income which made it possible for the British to maintain trade outposts in the Northwest territory. The British could stay there because the United States didn't have an army because the government didn't have any money. Even though these outpost were in direct violation with the treaty of Paris the British kind of said what are you going to do about it and then just stayed. Because of the economic instability states began to go through a period of mass inflation and debt. Because of this the debt of individuals increased causing events like Shay's rebellion. In which a group of farmers led a armed assault on the national government and because there was no army so a local militia had to stop this rebellion. Needless to say these shortcomings ultimately made the Articles an unfit form of government which is why they are no longer in place today. But the Articles of Confederation had an upside, the idea of westward expansion. Through the Northwest Ordinance the country established a way in which the territory would be divided up into separate states. Another major factor of the Northwest Ordinance was that these new states would
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