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Confederation DBQ America's first form of government was under the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation was written after the Revolutionary War, compiled of ideas by the Continental Congress. They were the first attempt at a government for the United States, but were eventually replaced by the Constitution. Politically, the Articles gave the American government no separation of powers, and an effective government is one that imposes its will on its people and nation and defends the people's rights. Under the Articles of Confederation its powers included conducting foreign relations, settling disputes between states, controlling market values, regulating trade and so on. It purposely did not give the national government all the power in fear of tyranny like in Britain. Economically and Socially, although the United States desired an effective government, they comprised an ineffective government because there was no president, the U.S. wasn’t able to pass taxes and laws, it had no army to protest the nation, it had a weak government, and it had no courts to settle problems between states. So in the end, the Articles of Confederation proved to be both inadequate in economic conditions, foreign relations and other aspects. Thus, these political, economic and social factors all contributed to the reasons why the Articles of Confederation couldn’t provide an effective form of government. Firstly for the economic reason, The Articles of Confederation failed to provide a solid money system to ensure that taxes would be paid or to protect commerce. Congress had no way to collect taxes to pay off pre-war debts. This led to chaos and anarchy when soldiers that hadn't been paid marched on Philadelphia, and Congress had to flee to Princeton New Jersey showed in the Letter from delegate Joseph Jones of Virginia to George Washington on Feb 27th,1783
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