Why Teenagers Run Away from Home

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Introduction Too many teenagers run away FROM something ,rather to something .''Many teenage leave home in search of safety and freedom from what they consider abusive treatment ,whether physical , sexual ,or emotional .Running away from home usually a quick decision .It maybe a sudden decision .It may have developed in the mind for sometime . Content -Neglect by parents The first reason is neglect by parents .They came from broken family and do not get enough love and care elsewhere . some parents have the habit of quarrelling infront of their children . The home became a battle ground with no peace . The children feel ashamed of their parent and cannot stand this kind of environment . In the end they find their own way to escape by running away from home. -Peer influence on teenagers Beside that, peer influence on teenagers is also one of the reason that teenagers always running away from home . They choose to spend their time with their friends , rather than staying at home . That is the beginning of the problem . If they mix with the wrong group of friend . They will get involve with all kinds of wrong activities . For example, drugs ,smoke, gambling and so on. -Freedom Some parents are too strict with their children ,They always nag ,scold their children .They also put too much pressure on their children especially in their studies. Most teenagers do not like to be restricted and treated like children . They want to have their own freedom . They like to be creative and explore thing for themselves. -Money Some times the problem has to do with money . They can't wear expensive or branded clothes like some of their friends .They can't buy tickets for concerts or go for dates . For many teens economic obstacles are hard to do it. They believe the outside world is better and they also believe working is better than study . Social network
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