Why Soldiers Fought For The Civil War

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Chen-Yu Lee Carol Fry Hist 1301 10/28/2011 What They Fought For There have been many different theories on why the Civil War began, and what caused the soldiers to fight for either side. These theories include such things as slavery, idealism, patriotism, protection of homeland, independence, and pure hatred for the opposition. It is difficult to pick out one good reason from above, that caused the soldiers to fight, but letters and diary entries give us some insight as to what motivated many of them. This paper will look at various reasons as to why the Confederate and Union soldiers fought with such endurance. Many Confederate soldiers seemed motivated by the mere memory of the Revolution; they can still remember the period their ancestor fought with English. So even in periods of defeat, they did not give up. This is reflected in a letter written by a farmer’s son, who told his father “Instead of indulging in…show more content…
The South felt that America would fall apart without slavery, “this country without slave labor would be completely worthless…If the Negroes are freed the country…is not worth fighting for…We can only live & exist by that species of labor: and hence I am willing to continue to fight to the last.”. While most northern soldiers had no real interest in emancipation, there were still some that fought for the freedom of slaves. Many just wanted the abolition of slaves to see an end to the war and the discontent between North and South. While the North and South fought for different reasons, the general motivations for both were very similar. Both fought for the memory of their ancestors, home and hearth, independence, and patriotism to name a few. No matter who or what they fought for, each soldier’s main motivation was the belief that they were doing the right thing for home
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