Why Socialism Failed for Developing Countries ?

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Why socialism failed for developing countries is an easy and clear question. Developing countries have very bad education and social welfare. Governments governing third world countries are mostly corrupt and have work on guild lines not to do wrong. Socialism failed in developing countries for many reasons For example you have the people writing the policies could create loopholes for themselves to take advantage of. Greed and corruption, in addition to a false sense of "fairness" spread amongst the people, means that it is usually quite easy for those in power to take advantage of the situation. In most socialist communities people are no longer as motivated to work for their success, because their basic needs are met. There is a much higher rate of progressing upwards socially amongst the poor and 'downtrodden' because they have motivation to succeed. Meanwhile, upper middle class and upper class individuals are much more likely to remain where they are, simply because they feel no need to advance themselves. There is nothing to work for. In socialist setups, the government is responsible for providing. When that happens, there has to be a near never-ending number of systems put in place to make sure everyone gets what they need, no one gets more than they are supposed to, and everyone gets the right services. This creates an immense slowdown and strain on the system, as it's usually very difficult for a single group of people to design these systems (as in a socialist system) as opposed to thousands of groups designing their own independent systems (as in privatized systems). Perestroika, which literally means "restructuring", was the difficult time of political and economic reform in the USSR. The reforms were introduced in June 1987 by the new Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. He and his supporters were doing everything they could, but the new economic
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