Poor Today, Poor for Life

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Running Head: POOR TODAY, POOR FOR LIFE Poor Today, Poor For Life by Quondell S. McLean American Military University SOCI111- Introduction to Sociology Instructor Lori Kelley Poor Today, Poor for Life Have you ever driven across several states in this country to find that each time you travel through a area where the preponderance of the population are minorities, the area is severely run down? Did you ever wonder why the people in the area appear content with their present state of being; living in trashed housing, crime ridden streets, and drug infested neighborhoods. One has to ask if in the same situation would I do my best to make a change? Doesn't everyone in this great country have the same opportunities afforded to them, which is why we commonly refer to this nation as the "land of opportunity". Many people think that since we are naturally given certain opportunities in this country we should all live well and prosper somewhat equally. In ignorance, I too have been socialized to think that the homeless and poor create their own problems and if they wanted to do better, they could. In the past, I thought that the lower class and very poor were lazy and that they do nothing but drain the money out of the hard working pockets of people who have done what they could to take advantage of the opportunities of this country. Through education and life experience, I realize poverty is an epidemic that affects many people in our society. I believe it is an unfortunate fact that most people stricken by poor conditions will remain in those conditions throughout their lives. Sadly, there is no shortage of families in need because they had the misfortune of simply being born into their present predicament. According to 2007 government figures, 36.5 million Americans, roughly one in eight, live in poverty. Despite

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