Angela Davis: An Autobiography By Angela Davis

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 LECTURE NOTES  35% of single mother households are living in poverty.  WOC, once convicted, cannot obtain future welfare benefits, including food stamps or housing assistance.  Poor women are increasingly criminalized due to welfare policies.  Women (all) earn 77 cents for every $1 men make. Black women earn 63 cents and Latinas 57 cents (also quoted as 72 and 60 cents).  Women are 40% more likely to be poor than men, 70% of older women. 60% of “extremely poor” (less than half poverty line) are women.  READING NOTES “Excerpts from Angela Davis: An Autobiography” pg 105  “In such a state the keepers could control their victims. I would not let them conquer me. I transformed…show more content…
Prisons thus perform a feat of magic.” (111)  “But prisons do not disappear problems, they disappear human beings” (111)  “When prisons disappear human beings in order to convey the illusion of solving social problems, penal infrastructures must be created to accommodate a rapidly swelling population of caged people.”…show more content…
“Racism in U.S. Welfare Policy: A Human Rights Issue” (75)  “poverty is regarded as a result of individual choices, behaviors, and failing- “personal responsibility”- not as a structural social dynamic.” (76) “Criminalizing Trends in the Welfare System” (85)  “At the same time that a rising number of women of color were being convicted on drug-related felony charges, the welfare rules in many states changed to exclude individuals with felony convictions from receiving various government benefits.” (86)  “These stereotypes hold not only that black women are to blame for failing to socialize their children and run their communities properly, but also that they are to blame for giving birth to the young men, and increasingly the young women, who often wind up in the criminal justice system. According to these views low income women of color embody and breed criminality.” (86)  “Finally, recent developments in welfare administration conflate poverty and crime, and manifest a widespread assumption that welfare recipients are latent criminals.”

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