Why Prisons Don T Work Gilbert Rideau Analysis

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Correctional facilities at their peak Prisons are establishments in which people who have committed a sort of crime are physically confined and, in the majority of the cases, deprived of personal freedom. Originally, as quoted from a TIME's article in 1982, prisons were described as monkish salvation establishments, later reformed periodically to reformatories, then correctional centers and rehabilitation facilities, where monkish behavior was required from the prisoners. This of course meant for the prisoners, regardless of their opinion, to be forcefully adapted to a peace and quiet environment which with a given amount of time, they would learn to express. Yet, crimes have become harsh as time goes by and some considered as immensely immoral and out of…show more content…
However, this has had more disadvantages than advantages, the main advantage being the induced fear in people of committing a crime with the thought that they will be caught and it won't be pretty afterwards. Disadvantages of new prisons however are a little more complex, because each has a purpose, a conflict, and a possible resolution. A good reference article about these kinds of prison, including life inside a prison, is detailed in the article of "Why Prisons Don't Work", by Wilbert Rideau. Rideau takes an admiring step into describing their problem and its relation into life and social perspective. Let’s take for instance the first situation he presents. He starts describing the old and new-coming prisoners as the same unskilled, impulsive, uneducated misfits, mostly black, who had done dumb, impulsive things; considered failures and rejects from society. Here we are presented with various situations like lack or unwillingness of education, which leads to no social or industrial skills, stereotypes possibly including racism, guiding these people to act based on impulses, which leads to dumb actions. Clearly summing this up, these people mostly come

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