Personal Narrative: How Jail Changed My Life

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There are many things that may alter your viewpoint of your actions or even your life,whether its a particular predicament,a consequence,or a menial statement from someone dear to you.Right now i'm not quite sure if i am completely a changed person or did my viewpoints themselves just change.Besides my family that tried to make me change,I felt solitary as if i've endeavored this rocky ship we call life single-handedly.Initially, being placed in jail just added four concrete walls to that alone feeling.Despite the anger that broiled within me,I learned one lesson and that was: you have a choice always and doing the right thing is easier and better than doing the wrong thing. When most people think of jail they visualize a vivid imagery…show more content…
In a reality you get real consequences for breaking the law and I broke it.I realized that you can't just wink your eye and get out of it and there are consequences for you.A part of growth as a teenager is mental developement and now that I have the mind set of taking head to this lesson I learned, the success in my life is imminent.The excessive consequences of crime aren't pretty and neither is jail. Although i felt that I was a bit similar to these criminals,the entire experience was frightening and I pledge to do everything in my power not to return to jail.I entered that place with a bit of joy and anger intwined,but once I got out of my daydreaming state I acquired the common sense that I must have not had before to land myself in this grimey,dreadful place.There are consequences for your actions and you do have a choice to do the right or wrong action,its up to you.When knowing that after doing something wrong that jail is not that far behind,you tend to just do the right thing.It is not because of just fear alone but because of pure growth that I don't want to return and a truly changed

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