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Why Kids Run Away From Home Essay

  • Submitted by: jgirl69p
  • on September 8, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Why Kids Run Away From Home" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Every year more than one million children in the united states run away from home. Kids as young as 10 are among the one in seven who leave their homes. Although most runaways are between the ages of 15-17.
Adolescence is a stressful time of dramatic physical change and emerging identity. The dramatic physical changes that a child goes through can be very stressful. It causes stress from their body changing and developing making them fill as if they are different from others and they have a feeling of not belonging. These changes that their bodies go through cause them to do and act in a ways that others are. Peer pressure on a child can be very overwhelming. If they do not act or do the things that others do they are bullied. Being bullied can mean being laughed at, made fun of , they could be physically abused and there are some that have even been murdered as the result of a cruel joke. Going through these physical changes affect the children today in ways that some could not imagine. The reason for this is that it is like a new identity that they have to have and they have to search for the one they need to become. They believe because physically their bodies are changing they have to become a different person. In a sense they have to find who they are and who they want to become and make the changes necessary to be that person. Sadly they have to go through and change several times before they find the right person they want to be. With this comes a lot of things, Mostly wrong things and bad choices are made and they become faced with a lot of regret and shame for the things that they have done.
Those children who have parental support are usually able to successfully navigate this period of their life. Those who do not have the parental support emotions can over whelm them to the point that he or she believes that leaving will bring relief.
Some fill that leaving home is fill that leaving home is the only way to escape a...

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