Child Abuse & Neglect Essay

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Child Abuse and Neglect 2/28/2015 Child abuse and neglect are one of the most common and complex issues around the world. Each year, nearly a million children are determined by child protective services to be the victims of abuse and/or neglect in this country, while many more are at risk. Most child abuse and neglect incidents happen within the care of a child’s own family members. There is different types of abuse that can occur from emotional, physical, molestation, and neglect amongst children. These types of issues are very complex because some are more visible than others. But it doesn’t mean that the signs are not foreseeable. For instance, in order for me to differentiate between a possible child abuse/molestation case and a child neglect case, I would first consider all the possibilities and watch the signs. Being a preschool teacher it’s my job to know what’s going on with my students at all times. If a child comes in hungry all the time even after being feed or their clothes is constantly dirty or they have a certain smell to them all the time, a red flag automatically goes up. I can somewhat conclude that some things are not quite right at home. That shows me that there is some signs of neglect but doesn’t necessarily means that there is. Neglect can also be that the child isn’t getting the attention that he or she needs from their parents or loved ones. This can also be signs for child abuse/molestation if flipped the other way. If a child is being showed too much attention and is always alone with a certain person, molestation can be taking place. A change in a child’s behavior from good to bad that seems to be for no apparent reason can be a sign of abuse/molestation too. Consistent marks and bruises are the obvious signs of abuse. If I notice that a child is fearing for their life to be around or go with a certain person then that’s showing

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