Why Is Salt Iodized?

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Why is Iodine added to salt? The era of adding iodine to salt started around 1924 by the US Government as a result of an increase in the incidence of iodine deficiency disorders in the United States mainly in the Northwestern region(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana) and the area around the Great Lakes especially Northern Michigan. The first observation of iodine deficiency disorder was made possible by the discovery of the difficulty experienced by World War I draftees in wearing their uniforms due to enlarged thyroid glands. The realization of this problem led to multiple surveys of the incidence of goiter around the United States. This survey showed what areas in the United States had an increase in the widespread of goiter. As a result of this survey, several experiments were carried out with school children around the United States; these experiments proved that iodine helps with goiter. The result of this experiment led to a public debate on ways to provide prophylaxis goiter treatment to the Unites States population. Several objections were raised as to the potential side effect of such a global measure such as hyperthyroidism but the popular consensus was that little amount of iodine will be beneficial . Public health authorities in Michigan which was one of the worst afflicted states held a symposium on thyroid disease in 1922. The idea of salt iodization proposed by David Murray in Switzerland was the first attempt to salt iodization as an easy and effective means of providing iodine to all population groups regardless of social status. The iodized Salt Committee was set up with the mission of investigating this matter further. This committee, chaired by David Cowie produced reports on the low iodine content of drinking water in Michigan and the possibility of effective prevention of goiter through salt iodization. The
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