Controversy Of Medicating a Child

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When it comes to controversy of medicating a child that has EBD or ADHD it is huge. Parents do not like to speak about how this could affect their children by medication to help process their disability. People with ADHD or EBD is not considered a disability, but many people feel that with these symptoms also comes the ease of breaking them down. This is not how children with these problems should be treated. There are ordinary people of society, only with special care needs. One of the most common known drug out there to help in controlling these conditions is Ritalin. Ritalin has had some successful stories, but there are other stories of how people would take their children off the drug due to the side effects and differences they noticed in their children after a long period of time. According to The American Psychological Association, a Dr. Peter Jensen conducted a period of trials on children to see if the medication actually worked and how well it worked. It came back a year later that only 60% of these children that were treated were successful, while the rest failed, but it is stated that this medication is not for everyone and does have severe side effects. Some of the side effects are that of more sleep for the medicated, where as the unmediated can get less sleep. With Ritalin a child can become more depressed, but the pro would be the ability to focus more in school. In my personal opinion, you can medicate a child to death, but you need to understand the cause of the behavioral problem, before you can remove the cause. Just proving a child with medicine but not really knowing for what is not the answer. You need to find ways for your child that helps him or her in learning until they think of a stragie that works. While working with the solutions you will also be experiencing the emotional stress that comes with it. Work in small

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