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Frederick Grant Banting was born in Allison Ontario, on November 14th, 1891. He was the youngest of five children from William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant. He was born into a middle class farm family. Frederick Banting had three older brothers by the names of Nelson, Thompson and Kenneth and an older sister named Essie. Frederick Banting's education began at a public high school in Allison from where he proceeded to study at the University of Toronto. Banting failed his first year in arts at the University of Toronto and then decided to enrol in medicine. He graduated in 1916, with above average grades and joined the Canadian Army Medical Corps where he served in Wold War I as a medical officer in France. In 1918 he was wounded…show more content…
He received support for reasearch at the University of Toronto and began work on May 17th, 1921 assisted by Charles H. Best. later that year, Banting and Best were able to make a pancreatic extract which had anti-diabetic characteristics. they were successful in testing their extract on diabetic dogs. Within months professor J.J.R. Macleod, who provided the lab space and direction to Banting and Best, put his research team to work on the production and purification of insulin. J.B. Collip joined the team of reaserchers and with his technical knowledge the four men were able to purify insulin to use on diabetic patients. The first test were conducted on Leonard Thompson early in 1922. These were a grest success. word of this discovery spread rapidly around the world, giving hope to many diabectic people who were near death. Some patients in diabetic coma made unbelievable recoveries and the discovery of insulin was named one of the most important contributions in the history of medicine. Many honours followed their great discovery such as, the winning of a Nobel Prize for medicine and discovery and also knighthood

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