Why Is It Important To The Civil Rights Movement?

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“The Civil War showed whether this nation, or nation conceived in liberty could long endure.” The Civil War was during 1861-1865. The war was fought between the North and South over questions of slavery and state rights. The North wanted the slaves to be free and have all the same rights as a white person but, the South wanted just the opposite. They wanted the slaves to work for them and for free. The Civil War era (Reconstruction) moved America towards its ideal that all men are created equal. In the war, slavery ended because of many reasons, like the Emancipation Proclamation and the 14th Amendment. During the Civil War, slavery was no more. The African Americans were granted with citizenship. Citizenship gave them all civil and equal rights that they deserved. They were now free. Being free, they could choose their own jobs, jobs like working on the plantations, working in the house, cleaning and washing and things like that. Instead of being assigned to a job with no pay in slavery, they could work for money. The African Americans had the freedom to travel and to get their education. They got their education for free and they could move to…show more content…
The freedmen could now vote. This was very important because now the blacks could be a part of the election process, which meant that their choices were counted. The African Americans could also work for money. This was also important because America was moving closer to its ideal of all men being created as equals, having all the same rights as white people. Furthermore, African Americans were given the right to marry and reunite with their families. Previously, in a life of a slave, there were no real marriages, since their masters could sell off or trade the slave’s family members as they wished. This also shows that they had the same rights as white people. But, even when it was getting better for blacks, there were still a lot of problems for
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