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Why is Facebook so important? Everyone from around the world is on facebook now including me. There are many reasons why facebook became so important to everyone. According to facebook data, more than one million people are using facebook everyday from all over the world. For some people who like to play facebook for fun, the reason why they say facebook is important because it’s quick and easy way to stay in touch with their friends, especially their family whose spread out the country, or even the world by communicate with them on chat or video chat. Also facebook can let the user know more friends who stay on facebook that come from all nationalities. Facebook could tell us what is going to friend for example what they are doing now, with…show more content…
Just posting anything that bothering you and that it, problems will be solve when more than one hundred friend trying to cheer up when you feel unhappy because anything have been bothering you. Facebook is best way if you need to post and tag your picture to your friend and family and a safe place for putting your photo in personal view, with many photo album that you can create as many as you pleased. Moreover, facebook has many other applications and games that you can enjoy. With more than one million games, you can take your time to play it whenever you feel like to. Furthermore, facebook can providing us hot news or any information that you need. Just enter the right page and you’ll see it. No matter it’s a national news or international news or whatever it is good news or bad news or it is any kind of the advertising, facebook is always with us that we can reach every information at anytime. So it’s really a good idea if everyone can have a phone that able to connect to internet and WIFI. Facebook can as well be the right site for people who look for a job opportunity. Moreover, facebook is can be your tour guide. Beside Google Maps, facebook can also tell guide you the way

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