Why Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water

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Trisha Campbell Dr. Kendrick Anthropology August 12, 2013 Back in the 1970s the soda companies saw that their sales were leveling out. People also started to realize that soda wasn’t that good for them, so they started to go back and drink tap water. The big soda company’s started to realize that so they made people think that bottled water was better than tap water. People weren’t buying the bottled water at first until the big companies made people scared and insecure. They told people that when they get done that tap water is going to be limited to washing dishes and taking showers. That was a way that they scared us. Another way they used manufacturing demand was that they seduced us. They hid the reality of bottled water and showed us fantasy by using nature on their bottles. They also mislead us, by telling us that bottled water is better than tap water because the tap water is polluted. Yes the water is polluted because of the big water companies are polluting the water by the way they recycle and the other way people throw away bottle water. It is really not that hard to pollute the water if the U.S buys more than half a billion bottles a week. She tells us to take back the tap. We can do that by not buying bottled water and to drink tap. The real solutions are things like investing in clean water.…show more content…
We could ask our city officials to bring back water fountains. We could work to ban the use of bottled water in schools or entire city. This video has opened my eyes. I always knew that bottled water could be dangerous to the environment, but if you recycled them that it wouldn’t be as bad. Now that I know that recycling really doesn’t do that much. My grandmother drinks Dasani, which is all she will drink. She says that she can taste the difference in tap water and that’s why she only drinks bottled

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