Bottle Water vs. Tap Water

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Final reason on why bottled water is harmful is because it negatively affects us humans the most. As you know, bottled water causes problems in the environment, but it also contributes in harming our health. At first, we find harmful chemicals in water bottles. “EWG laboratory tests show that 38 total pollutants were found in 10 different bottled water brands. Another study at the University of Missouri shows that bottled water increases the growth of breast cells by 78%.” I don’t think humans should pay more money for water that tastes the same as tap water and also hurts the environment just to risk their lives. I don’t think you want to add another symptom leading to cancer; one of our foremost death causes. In addition to the brand-new water bottles having chemicals inside, even reusing the bottles with our own tap water has its disadvantages. Studies show that if water bottles that are made of single-use plastic are reused, then they can produce leach chemicals in the water that lead to bacterial growth. I think that humans should not waste money for single-use items when they got all the water they need at home. If bottled water industries were to use a different type of plastic that could produce less harmful chemicals against both humans and the environment, then I think that water bottles could be useful. Finally, even with all these problems inside the water bottle, the bottled water industries still don’t check as thoroughly compared to tap water. “Food and Drug Administration regulates only 30-40% of the bottled water sold per state.” I think that humans should not pay for water that is not thoroughly checked but should pay for the tap water which is checked regularly by the sewage systems. I think we should give our money to the type of water which provides us the best, safest water. Even though bottled water can be portable and employs factory workers,

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