Bottled Water Essay

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BOTTLED WATER- SHOULD WE DRINK LESS? BOTTLED WATER- SHOULD WE DRINK LESS? WHY DO PEOPLE BUY BOTTLED WATER? People buy bottled water as some people think it is more pure and it is easily accessible as you can have it in a bag or buy it in a shop if you are out somewhere. HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY FOR BOTTLED WATER? In a regular shop on the high street you can buy regular water from 80p-£1.20 but in Claridges (Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant) you can buy a bottle of water from £8.68-£50.00. In Claridges you would also get a water list (like a wine list). WHERE DOES SOME OF OUR BOTTLED WATER COME FROM? Some of our bottled water comes from the UK, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, Canada, USA, India, Fiji and even the sky! Our water comes from all over the world but we don’t realise it. NEGATIVES FOR BOTTLED WATER The negatives for bottled water are that there is more packaging that makes more pollution and is bad for the environment. Bottled water also costs more for the customer. POSITIVES FOR BOTTLED WATER The positives for bottled water are that bottled water is easily accessible as if you are out somewhere you can go into a shop and buy a bottle of water. Some people also think that bottled water is more pure and better/healthier for you. SOLUTIONS I think that the bottled water industry should find a way to make less pollution for the environment. I also think that they should reduce the packaging and that the water should not be shipped from other countries to stop pollution. I also think that they should reduce the prices of bottled water. CONCLUSION I think that we should not drink less bottled water as it is not doing that much damage to the environment and that there is worse things that is happening to the
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