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Ashley Baxter Professor D. Nugent- Odasso Speech 1 July 8, 2012 Dopey Fish Purpose Statement: To educate my audience about the impact that the manufacturing and distribution of waste pharmaceuticals has on our water supply. Thesis Statement: - Chemicals used in the pharmaceutical prescriptions are destroying our most precious natural resource; water. Introduction I. Story – The other day I went to get some sushi. I ordered some Tuna and the sushi chef asked me if I wanted extra Prozac with that. I was confused. He said all the Tuna was now contaminated because they swim in waters polluted with pharmaceuticals. II. This speech is about what pharmaceuticals are doing to you and our planet. III. According to Headlines at Hopkins…show more content…
Pharmaceuticals show up in our drinking water. A. Given the fact that pharmaceuticals are impacting our water supply it is not surprising to see findings of trace elements of many commonly used medicines in the water 1. According to The Huffington Post 2012 Trace amounts of many pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones have been found in American drinking water supplies. 2. According to 2010 water pollution may also be affecting male fertility rates due to the estrogen in birth control contraceptives B. Because of the potential negative impact on the medical industry, pharmaceutical companies do not want this information to be widely known by the public Transition: Now that you know how it is affecting you this is how it is affecting our wild life. III. Pharmaceutical pollution may be affecting fish by changing their aquatic life cycle. A. Fish such as shrimp are being impacted 1. According to a new study undertaken by U.K.’s University of Portsmouth 2010 published in the journal Aquatic Toxicology, antidepressants now present in seawater may be altering the behavior of shrimp in ways that make them more vulnerable to

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