Bottled Water Informative Speech

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SPS: To inform my audience on the dangers of bottled water companies on the environment, and our society. Thesis: Use third party sources to reveal where bottled water comes from, who regulates it, and the negative impact its factories and waste have on our environment and ourselves. I: Intro: AGD: How many people here drink bottled water? Well according to the documentary “Tapped” by Stephanie Soechtig, 40% of all bottled water is just recycled municipal tap water. Aka, the exact same thing that comes out of your faucet. One might ask, why is this a problem? Well the fact is, the earth's water supply shouldn't be for sale. Water is a public commodity that should be free to any and everyone. In the words of mahondas ghandi “There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.” If we continue to consume bottled water at the rate we are now, 20 years from now we may not have any water left for the need of mankind. Not only is the bottled water business draining our earth's most precious natural resource, but its waste is one of the leading causes in pollution in our society today. I first became interested in bottled water when a friend once told me that dasani is simply NY tap water. Naturally I didn't believe him because I didn't think they would be allowed to do that. Take a municipal's source of public water, pump it, and resell it? Then I started doing a little bit of research and came across one of the best independent documentaries I have ever seen. There was even a public showing of this documentary here at rutgers last semester to raise awareness. I noticed how much bottled water my family alone consumed, so I couldn't even imagine how much the world as a whole was consuming. So the investigation began. I then found out that bottled water is a $60 billion dollar a year business worldwide. Imagine how much money everyone in

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