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Brita Band - Case What challenges face the Brita Brand? Brita’s brand awareness in the late 1990s stood at 70% until the introduction of a faucet mounted-filter (FM) by PUR. FM filter system screwed onto the tap itself and also eliminated certain illness causing bugs compared to the Brita pour-through system (PT). Although Brita joined the FM category it only achieved 35% share in this category compared with PUR’s 65%. In addition to it some additional challenges faced by the Brita brand were: * Bottled water consumption was growing at a tremendous pace which was the main cause of the Brita brand’s volume decline. Bottled water was expected to surpass carbonated soft drinks as the most popular commercial beverage in the US in 2004. For bottled water (400 brands), 20% of brands were driving 80% of category volume. * The “leaky bucket” issue where customers who bought the product stopped using the brand because these consumers were finding changing filer too onerous job. * Refrigerators with built-in water filtration were going rapidly at an expected rate of at least 2 million units per year from 2005. What marketing strategies are appropriate for meeting these challenges? From the segmentation study conducted by TNS-NFO we should be able to obtain the target market being: * People at home as this is where the largest consumption of filtered water was compared to people away from home * The segments to look for were “Principled Filter Fans” to keep maintain presence, as their primary source is filtered water, and “Assertive Self Improvers” as their source is split who are health conscious and who drink a lot of water. * Within “Affluent Fridge Followers” segment, Brita can look into expanding its strategy by providing their water filtration product to these refrigeration companies through collaborations or partnership deals. As the

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