Why I Don't Want a Baby

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Why I Don’t Want a Baby Impromptu Throughout Polly Vernon’s article, “Why I Don’t Want a Baby”, she argues to prove people can live happy lives without a baby by appealing to pathos. In this article pathos connects with the readers through emotions. The two most prominent were anger and annoyance. In Polly Vernon’s case emotion was everything. Anger was a magnified topic when she discusses the decision with people of different reasoning and annoyance from being discriminated against every time just because of her choice. She appeals to pathos by using strong words, language choice, and personal connections. In the end, using pathos helped connect the readers to her story better than using logos and ethos would have. When the article starts, immediately a harsher tone sets up the rest of the reading with the author’s use of words and font. Instead of using a regular “okay”, Vernon inserts an “OK” to show her sarcastic anger towards one of her colleagues who disagrees with her opinion. You can tell she is immediately annoyed with peoples lack of respect of her opinion. With the emotion she is trying to get him to agree or even just compromise with the fact she wants nothing to do with having a child. By using such a strong emotion like anger she is adding passion to the argument; angry words like scold, attacks, selfless and deconstructed add fuel to the passage by giving the readers a feeling to have instead of just being neutral and it helps the readers gain an emotional tie and move over to “her side”. Having the readers believe she has a right to her own opinion right of the bat gives the author, Vernon, an upper-hand moving on to the rest of the article. Polly Vernon connects at a further level by giving examples of movies in her article that relate to her topic like the back-up plan, or baby mama, using these movies makes people think about how she does have

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