Politics of Uncombed Hair

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Zahara was adopted at the age of six years old in Ethiopia. At the time that made her Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts third child. She was orphaned because of AIDS but, tested negative for the disease. She was nine pounds at the time and she was extremely malnourished and dehydrated. Pitt and Jolie made sure she had the proper medical care to take care of her dehydration and malnourishment. After Zahara’s birth Jolie and Pitt have provided her with the proper medical care, clothes, food, shelter, and education. Samuels adequately uses pathos and ethos throughout this article effectively. However, her ineffective use of over dramatic logical appeals causes the authentic of her argument to be questioned. Her use of pathos in the beginning of the article creates a sarcastic tone for the rest of the article. “In recent pictures it's clear Angelina Jolie hasn't taken the time to learn or understand the long and painful history of African-American women and hair.” Right off the back Samuels directly insults Jolie. To go with the insult she discusses the history that African American women have with their hair. The author wants to make sure if the audience is ignorant about the subject as she believes Jolie is, then she is going to explain it to them. Her harsh diction is grabbing the audience’s attention and is also trying to get the audience to feel a particular way. Samuels wants the audience to feel the outrage that she does. Samuels even talk about another celebrity who was commenting on the topic of race. When discussing Tom Cruise and his adopted son, the author says “Nice sentiment” when she is talking about how he handles race. This statement is clearly sarcastic. The author does not want to let the subject of race go and she stresses it to the audience as many times as she wants to. This does this to support her other arguments in the article. The author

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