Improve Your Listening

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Improve Your Listening Author Note This Paper is being written on October 28th, 2011 by Scott Palmer for Kimberly Smiths’ Intro to Communications Course at Rasmussen College Improve your Listening We all know that sometimes it is hard to listen. For whatever reason, we may be tired or anxious about our own input into the conversation, and we become ineffective listeners. When communicating, I have noticed that I have some weaknesses in my listening techniques. When getting a talking to by my parents, friends, or acquaintances, I have a problem with pseudo listening, I pretend that I care what she has to say when I really have other things on my mind. I become a very defensive listener, treating everything they say as a personal attack because most of my attention is elsewhere and I am daydreaming and missing all the signs of verbal and nonverbal communications. Another problem that I have when listening is I am a very defensive listener. When speaking to people, I turn their simple constructive criticisms into a personal attack on my total character ( again not giving my full attention I miss how they use nonverbal communication). I think it is because I am very concerned with the way they thinks of me, and making them happy. The problem with my pseudo thinking is that when it comes time for me to have a response I have no clue what was said during the conversation because the only thing I focused on was the topic of discussion. My defensive listening has put me in bad situations with many people, mostly with my wife, I lash out at people because I feel threatened and with my lack of attention I miss parts of the conversation, and that makes it that much more like I am being attacked. Everyone can increase attention by realizing its importance, avoiding the common tendency to day dream, fighting the tendency to give in to
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