Why Go On Living

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Why go on living? What may seem like an easy question with obvious answers is actually quite complex. Some would say that because we are born, we should just live, but I believe living has more of a meaning. Not only does religion play a factor, but the fact that it is unknown whether an “afterlife” exists, makes me value the chance to live a life regardless of its purpose. There are also the relationships we have with our families and friends that make living more enjoyable and meaningful. In terms of religion, one must live a good life so that they can live an even better afterlife in heaven. If you lived a bad life, then you would spend eternity in hell and suffer for your sins. Suicide is one of the greatest sins which makes choosing living a much better option for religious followers. God gave people life so that they can cherish it and have free will to do what they want. It is understood that most religious followers are grateful to be alive and share life with others. They are not only concerned with their own lives, but the wellbeing of others. This not only gives them a reason to want to live and keep helping those in need, but it also provides those in need with hope and a chance at a better life. Basically, religion not only helps those who follow it, but it also those who are aided by the religious groups that focus on providing for the less fortunate. Fear of the unknown is a significant factor when trying to understand why people go on living. Many people are afraid of what happens after death because there is no way to know for certain what happens. It is the chance that life just ends and is nothing but blank space that keeps people from ending their life. Most people would say that they hope there is an afterlife. It is hard to imagine that everything just ends after death, but it is that thought exactly that keeps the majority of
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