Essay On Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly

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Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly Essay In the year 610 CE a man went to a cave to pray. His name was Muhammad and he would change the world. Inside the cave, Muhammad said, he received the word of God, who was called Allah in his language of Arabic. The religion that came out of this event, Islam, grew very rapidly. But why was it able to become so big, so fast? There were four main factors that caused Islam to spread so quickly: military success, economic trade, religious appeal, and political order. Perhaps the major reason for the swift spread of Islam was raids followed by military conquest. Land controlled by Muslims expanded greatly in a relatively short period of time (about 120 years). Why? Muslims were not allowed by the Qur’an to attack other Muslims. However, they were allowed to conduct ghazu raids against pagans, which helped increase their territory (Doc D). The ghazu raids, which began against non-Muslims in Arabia, soon expanded into full-blown military campaigns across the Middle East, North Africa and even into Spain (Doc C). The military success of the Muslims greatly helped increase the area they controlled and boosted their ability to fight off others who might want to harm them. Another key factor that helped Islam become popular very quickly was the trading routes of Muslims. The center of…show more content…
The Qur’an described the importance of being sincere, patient, and charitable (Doc B). It also promised good things, like everlasting life in paradise, for people who are true to Islam (Doc B). Even non-Muslims appreciated that they could still follow their faiths as long as they agreed to a Pact that had them pay a bit extra for rights and protections (Doc E). The Qur’an and the Muslim tolerance for other people provided ideas about God and ways of living that many people found very attractive, and because of this, many more people became
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