Why Does Criminal Behavior Exist

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Phillip Nelson Mr. McCune Sociology 101 3/13/13 Why Does Criminal Behavior Exist? Most psychology classes always talk about criminal behavior and it has been a debate dating back to one of the founding psychologists, Sigmund Freud. There are many questions about why someone would kill another person in cold-blood or act in unspeakable violence. In the past sociologist say that the environment a person is in can play a huge factor in predicting criminal behavior. Another topic in psychology classes is talking about how psychologist in the early 19th century thought that behavior like this was genetic and could be passed down and inherited through each generation. The genetics alone will not determine behavior but the wrong environment increases the likelihood of participating in violent crimes. Anyone is capable of violent crimes and to act in ways that are viewed as wrong by society. Under the shell of society we all have basically the same nature, and the same wants, needs and desires. The environment kids grow up in can have a lot to do with how they turn out when they are older. Criminals come from all social, economic, religious and racial groups. There will always be criminals like Ted Kazinski, who could be described as reasonably normal, polite, and a nice person all through his adolescence and young adulthood. “A bright child, Kaczynski skipped two grades during his early education”(Ted Biography). The Unibomber, as he is now known, was an exemplary student with a solid life. In the world, psychopaths are not new, but the psychopaths nowadays are younger, more brutal, and completely unafraid of the law. They are young people, often from broken homes or so-called dysfunctional families, who commit murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and other violent acts. These emotionally damaged young people are usually the products of sexual or physical abuse.

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