Insanity Defense Thesis

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Youth is usually associated with energy, strength, joy and life. What is ironic, is that nowadays the young people are associated, on the other hand, with violence, crime and death. The statistics of robberies, murders and fights between adolescents are frightening. This violence is caused by the lack of opportunities, education, and understanding that they suffer, which also leads to an abuse of drugs and alcohol. Argentina is not the exception. That is why the solution to this problem is being discussed. Some people propose to lower the age of insanity defense, others affirm that puting them in jail is not the soltuion, while the number of crimes goes up. In Argentina, the statistics show that 70% of young deaths are caused by violence, either crimes, accidents or suicides. This is reflected on the titles of the news every day, people are used to read in the newspeaper how adolescents commite crimes and then, are left in freedom. No one can escape from this, besides mostly every argentinian is afraid of what teenagers may do when they binge drink or drug, and as this is not controled by the police or the govermnent, it happens a lot,…show more content…
The debate of lower the age of insanity defense, that today is 18 years old, has a lot of faces. On one hand, some senators afirm that a 12 or 14 year old kid is old enough to know how to behave and to face the consequences of his acts. On the other hand, an other group of senators say that the problem should be solutioned from the roots, the education system is the one that has to be improved, in order to give the kids a solid base to stand by themselves and also to be able to find a job, and like this stop the need of drinking to get away of their problems and stealing to survive. So the solution would be a change in the whole system, not only improve the education but also employe the unemployed, control the consume of alcohol and drugs, between

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