Why Do People Volunteer

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[TYPE THE COMPANY NAME] HMPYC80 Assignment 2 Research Proposal 5/29/2015 Contents Why do people do volunteer work 2 Theoretical review 2 Proposed Study 3 Plagiarism declaration 6 Why do people do volunteer work Many people do volunteer work in order to gain practical experience and to further their career and studies. There are, however, many people who freely volunteer their time and efforts without being obligated to or having ulterior motives such as gaining experience to get a job or gain entry into a master’s course of some sort, or to be financially compensated for their work. These are the people that we are interested in gaining more insight from through doing research. We would like to know what these reasons are; whether they are completely rooted in altruism or whether they have different personal motives that lead them to do volunteer work. The purpose of this research is to find out what factors contribute to a person’s decision to offer up their time and energy for the good of others, and without expecting any sort of compensation in return. I recently worked at APD, which is an NGO for differently abled persons. I, however, had ulterior motives for volunteering there since I was required to do so for an honours module. I was interested to find out why some people who worked there did so without charge and out of the goodness of their heart. This information is salient since it can help other NGO’s and NPO’s understand why people volunteer, and also help them in recruiting more volunteers to their organisation. Theoretical review Clary and Snyder (1999) identify six different factors that contribute to why people do volunteer work, as well as why they continue to volunteer. These six factors include values, understanding, enhancement, career, social, and protective motivations. Values such as humanitarianism can
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