Pojman's Essay 'Merit: Why Do We Value It?'

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Merit Essay While reading the paper “Merit: Why Do We Value It?” written by Louis Pojman, he argues that we deserve what we earn. In first examining this theory I came to understand that I agree with Pojman completely when he states that “evil deeds must be followed by evil outcomes and good deeds by good outcomes” (p. 96). I will examine the reasons I agree with Pojman and also why I disagree with critics of the merit desert philosophy. When I examine that we deserve what we earn I first need to break this into two different components, do we deserve it and is it always important to earn anything physical as a reward? If I go to work and work hard to improve myself or my job I deserve to be rewarded because I have earned it. I do not believe that this always happens in the work place for various reasons, family involvement in the business or even the state of the economy prohibits it. This does not mean that I did not earn anything, I may have earned respect from my boss or fellow employees or even my own self satisfaction for doing my job to the best of my ability. The other possibility is that if I do not do my job and just show up and let…show more content…
I think it has also underemphasized the notion of merit” (p. 84). I believe that it goes even further almost to the point of indoctrinating children to believe in a philosophy of entitlement. In the 1960's and early 1970's when children would start to play little league baseball they first had to try out for the team and then earn a starting position on the team. This gave them an incentive to do better. Until they deserved that position by earning it by improving their talents, they sat on the bench and only were able to practice with the team or maybe play when the game became very

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