C1015a Task 7

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Task 7 – Learning and communication skills In this essay, I will attempt to asses the module CS1015A. During my endeavours, I will be discussing how useful the course has been for me and outlining what I have learnt. In doing so, I will be looking at what strengths and weaknesses I have gained as well as how practical I have been with time management. Throughout this essay I will be talking about the assignments I have done for this module and how they have helped me. In conclusion I will be giving my own suggestion on how the module can be improved. One of the most useful things I have learnt in this module was to improve my ability to research for a report or an essay. The university library has helped me in the case of accessing books on desired topics as well as the many labs around the campus. The vast choice of books and the use of internet have helped me find the handy information I need for a particular task. By doing this, I have also learnt what plagiarism is and how I must avoid it. All work must be referenced and quoted to credit the authors and researches. This has taught me to be honest and sincere in my work which I will maintain right through my degree. The first tasks that we did on this module were a group work where the class was split into two and we were given clues to find out…show more content…
There were times where I worked in sets of groups in the past but none insisted a group presentation. This let me work with people with different qualities and allowed me to be tolerant and be co-operative. I thought these were important values as it meant I had to once again use my time management skills. The positive thing of group work is that some pressure is taken of your shoulders because members of the group are given their own part of the project. This also meant I had to trust my co-workers when deadlines were
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