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Pine Ridge Players to perform Tartuffe! By Lizzy Parsons Special to the Beacon Remember being little and having your favorite Dr. Seuss stories read to you at night? There were hypocrites, liars, funny little men, and creatures of all sizes. Well, Tartuffe brings that to life, minus all of the silly creatures. “Tartuffe reminds me of a grown up version of a Dr. Seuss book.” says Casey McCall, who plays Mariane, “It really is a great Show, and I think that people will enjoy it a lot.” The audience is in for quite the surprise when they see this show. They’ll be shocked to see how many parallels there are in modern life to a play that was written centuries ago. Every audience member will be able to connect to a character, whether they’re the religious hypocrite, the person who speaks out of place to fight for what’s right, or the young boy having their love seduced by another man who we all know…show more content…
“Staying in character is really hard when you have blows being spewed in form of rhyming couplets,” Says Michael Bush, who plays Damis. “I think the audience is going to have a blast.” The Pine Ridge Players like to have as many people see their shows as possible, and with the financial crunch everybody is in these days, they try to keep their tickets affordable. Tickets are $5 for students, and $7 for adults. All proceeds go to our theatre program, which teaches our students important skills that help them both on and off Stage. Tartuffe opens February 10th, with more shows on the 11th and 12th at 7 pm. Between the beautiful costumes, wonderful actors, a phenomenal set, and an impeccable story line that has kept audiences laughing for centuries, Tartuffe is sure to be a hit. So gather your friends and family and support your local theatre program! For more information, contact Lizzy Parsons at

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