Why Do Native Americans Get Taxes

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Receiving taxes is an important factor to our government’s society today. As with any country every citizen’s job is to pay taxes. Native Americans in the state of Arizona are not obligated to do so, but should be. Under the Internal Revenue Code, all US citizens, including Native Americans, are subjected to income tax. Although the government views them differently, they should not. In the United States of America we are a country of freedom and unity, and if the Native Americans do not have to pay taxes, it does not help our country economically. We have to pay taxes and so should they. Native American reservations should not only be taxed for their land, but should also be aware of the lack of police enforcement while on duty and focus on the increase of incidents that occur due to the alcohol and gambling that goes on in and around their casinos. Native Americans that currently live in the state of Arizona and own their own land should be taxed for it. Every other general American is bound to pay for any piece of land or business they own. According to the federal government, taxes may be based on property, income, transaction, importation of goods, business,…show more content…
In this Act treaties signed by American agents and representatives of Indian tribes guaranteed peace and the integrity of Indian Territory’s primarily to assure that the lucrative fur trade would continue without interruption. American settlers wanted the Indian land extremely bad, but that led to violent conflict in many cases and succeeding treaties generally compelled tribes to cede large areas to the Unites States government.(cite) But must this remind you that, this happened centuries ago and nobody who was involved with this act is alive , so our laws today shouldn’t compile to what happened many years

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