Immigration: The Most Controversial Issues In The United States

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Who Got Here First? Whose country is this, anyway? America is about naturally born, right? Wrong. America is about freedom, equal rights, tolerance and non-discrimination. This is what makes America different, strong and a melting pot. The Founding Fathers came from a variety of countries around the world. Why? They were either pursuing a better life, new opportunities, or just running away from a political system. Here they found peace, tranquility and opportunity for advancement — the so-called” American Dream”. Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial issues in the United States, but the new the Arizona law has provoked intense debate from Texas to Montana, drawing support in several polls and generating rejection by major civil rights groups. That is, Americans are trying to correct unlawful immigration dilemma with laws that infringe people’s freedom, liberty and equality. Although the federal government stills working on the immigration reform, according to Arizona’s law, it is a state crime not carrying immigration documents. According to the law S.B.1070, police officers are required to question an individual's immigration…show more content…
Constitution. The S.B. 1070 disrupts the priorities and resources of federal enforcement that focus on aliens who pose a threat to national security or public safety. They also claim that the federal government has preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters and that the enforcement of the Arizona law is counterproductive to the national immigration policy and it will cause detention and harassment of authorized visitors, immigrants, and citizens who do not carry their identification documents. S.B.1070 will certainly interfere in essential foreign policy and national security interests by disrupting the United States' relationship with Mexico and other

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