Border Control Policy

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Why is the United States the only country in the world that does not control its borders? This is the question that many Americans ask everyday for other countries control their borders with an iron fist. Most Americans do not think about our borders until see something on their local news about some massacre at the Mexican border involving some drug cartel. Should our national guard be a presence at the borders? After all, their purpose is to protect America from other countries. With many Americans unaware of what is happening this proves that our border control policies are inadequate and are in need of our full attention. FBI assistant director Kevin L. Perkins went before the Homeland Security Committee March 11th, 2010…show more content…
The other law abiding citizens have to pick up the tab through their own insurance cost and higher taxes. This is one of the main reasons that the cost of living keeps going up. Those that pay for their insurance and keep up with their taxes have to compensate for those that don’t. Some people think that the solution is to “round up all the illegal immigrants” and ship them back to their countries. Some think that we should give them complete amnesty. There should probably be a mixture of both. Those that have been established in the United States for more than ten years should be allowed to stay, given citizenship and make them pay taxes. If they have been here that long without any criminal incidents, then they should be allowed to stay. Just turning a blind eye to the situation is not going to help. Something has to be done. These are the hard decisions that we have to make and be able to come up with a plan without being foiled by red tape politics. Just shipping everybody back home is not the solution. Even illegal immigrants stimulate the economy with buying goods and services,…show more content…
We are overwhelmed. There is a tiny organization called the “Minute Men” that with their own resources help patrol our borders to relieve some border patrol agents. Maybe we should deputize these people, for they have the right to protect their own property. In the old days if an individual came onto a person’s property uninvited they were shot. This is vigilante style justice and should not be condoned, but a man has a right to protect his land from intruders. Our national guard should get involved and help protect our country from outside intruders. We need more personnel at our borders. If the Mexican government is not going to be proactive and help with border control then the United States should take every measure possible to control the importation of illegal goods, drugs, weapons and people. Not every person that comes across our borders is just here to work and prosper. This is why nobody should be allowed in without the proper documents proving they should be here. The days of just turning our heads and hope that this problem goes away are over. The next time anyone of us witnesses an illegal immigrant that does not speak English at the local grocery store buying food with food stamps that are government

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