Why Did The Roman Empire Decline

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Kashim Butler Roman Empire Essay The Roman Empire started in 31 B.C. That era was Pax Romana, which means Roman Peace and Prosperity. One of the greatest buildings was built which was the Coliseum. The Roman Empire had a decline for many reasons. It had a decline because their emperor died, the economy fell and Germanic tribes invaded Rome. The Roman Empire declined from Economic and Military reasons. It declined because it ended the Pax Romana period with the death of Marcus Aurelius in 152 AD, who was the emperor that made the Roman Empire reach its peak, which began violence. Aurelius’s son, Commodus, bankrupted treasury in 192 AD and over the next century, Romans began to fight each other. The economy went down because of the rising prices. Their government produced more coins led to Inflation where the prices rise as the money value declines. Also, there was disruption of trade since the capital moved to Byzantium, which is renamed Constantinople, for mores secure surroundings and they would be closer to trade routes. There was a civil war in 337 AD, where the empire was divided in half. The Roman Empire was the western half and the Byzantine Empire was the Eastern Half. After Constantine’s death, the empire would be divided. The east would survive and the west would fall. The West would fall because the Germanic Tribe invaded…show more content…
Some reasons are that the Huns, a fierce group of Mongol Nomads started to destroy everything in the Romans path. The Huns moved through the Roman Provinces of Gaul, Spain, and North Africa. In 410 AD, the Huns overran Rome for 3 days. The Huns leader was Attila. His forces terrorized both halves of the empire but failed in the East, due to the high walls of Constantinople. His forces advanced past Rome but famine and disease kept them from conquering the city. Attila died in 453 AD. The last emperor was German forces ousted a 14-year boy named Romulus Augustulus in 476

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